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Bluffing mistakes you’re probably making too

April 27, 2016

When playing poker, bluffing can help you win the game. However, if you’re doing it the wrong way, you’ll certainly end up losing the big pot. Therefore, it’s essential for every poker player to be aware of the most common mistakes. You’re probably making these ones too, so let’s discover together, how to avoid any risks!

Bluffing is also commonly associated with a roller coaster of emotions. The reason is a common one – you’re probably trying to win a big pot with just a small pair. It’s needless to state that the more experienced you get at bluffing, the better your chances to get the most out of any situation you encounter. So, make sure these mistakes won’t affect you in the future. A fact is certain: you need to bluff consistently to maximize your wins.

Bluffing is an art that can be learned


There are many important skills that pay off at poker, and bluffing is a popular one among players from all over the world. In fact, it is even stated that bluffing competes among the top 3 essential skills that matter at the poker table.

Here are some of the mistakes that might point out to others you’re bluffing… Make sure you avoid the most common ones.

You suddenly change your mood

Try not to change your mood and make an event out of this, as it’s thought to be the number one sign of a bluff. The chances you were a loose player until some seconds ago and you turned out of the blue into an aggressive one, is not an easy story to believe. Most players will think – you’re either bluffing or have a great hand. Don’t begin talking more than you previously did, try not to express your feelings or become excited or nervous in any way. Remember – you need to act normally. Control your nerves and your adrenaline too!

You drastically change the bet size

Be smart and handle your chips attentively. Don’t make obvious moves that can make your opponents easily spot your bluff. The size of your bet is a sensitive chapter, as it can unveil some hints to your opponents that something is not right.

You cannot afford that bluff

Unless you are positive you have more chances to win the pot, don’t get into a bluffing game against a financially stronger competitor. Otherwise, he/she might get you out of the game. Make sure that your strategy works and your opponent believes in your strong hand, determination and confidence.

You bluff too often

You need a good story, that’s for sure! Bluffing too often and getting caught every time is not something to believe. Try to stop bluffing for a while when someone caught you because you’re not trustworthy anymore. And every move you’ll make will be seriously analyzed. Picking up the right moment to bluff is critical…

You don’t bluff enough

Contrary to the previous mistake, this one is suggestive – if you win every time you bluff, then you’re probably doing the right thing, so you have no serious reason to stop your bluff. As some say – bluff until they catch you.

The truth is that bluffing takes a lot of time to master. It’s one of the most difficult poker skills to control, but at the same time one of the most important ones. Knowing how to bluff, but most importantly when to bluff can get you the pot you want. Hint: to improve your strategy you need to bluff often and test your skills. Thus, you’ll become better and better by the day!


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